What they said about Norwich City of Ale:
"Norwich City of Ale - it's no longer a question - it's a fact"
Tim Hampson, Beer Magazine

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Wildcraft Brewing

Foragers' Rest, Coltishall Road, Buxton, Norfolk, NR10 5JD

T 01603 278054



Wild Craft makes drinks that are unique in an industry where ‘the norm’ has been accepted for too long. What makes us wild? Our outlook; We are wild about foraged ingredients and will grow most of the rest, giving back to the land through our by-products, eco-friendly approach and natural reed bed technology. Most of our drinks use natural ingredients that can be found in the growing on the wild in the UK and if not can certainly be found in your local allotment!

City of Ale Beers

Wild Eye PA 3.8% | Wild Bill Hiccup 4.5% | Wild Card 4.5% | Wild Spice 4.5% | Wild Thing 4.5% | Wild Weather 4.5% | Wild Awake 5.0% | Wild Stallion 5.0% | Wild Sting 5.0% |