What they said about Norwich City of Ale:
"Norwich City of Ale - it's no longer a question - it's a fact"
Tim Hampson, Beer Magazine

Norfolk Brewhouse  
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The Norfolk Brewhouse

Moon Gazer Barn, Harvest Lane, Hindringham, Norfolk, NR21 0PW

T 01328 878495



The Norfolk Brewhouse is slap-bang in the middle of the country’s finest barley growing region using as you would expect, the riches on the doorstep as well as the riches beneath their feet, with chalk-filtered water from their own well. Their simple yet distinctive beers, known as Moon Gazer Ale, are inspired by the brown hares which share the brewery's Norfolk farm location.

City of Ale Beers

Moon Gazer Pacific Pale Ale 3.9% | Moon Gazer Amber Ale 4.0% | Moon Gazer Golden Ale 4.0% | Moon Gazer Red Ale 4.0% | Moon Gazer Ruby Ale 4.0% | Moon Gazer Dark Mild 4.9% | Moon Gazer Chevallier Gold 5.0% | Moon Gazer Gold IPA 5.0% |