What they said about Norwich City of Ale:
"Norwich City of Ale - it's no longer a question - it's a fact"
Tim Hampson, Beer Magazine

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Aleyard Brewery

Unit 1B, Home Farm, Thetford Road, Riddlesworth, Norfolk, IP22 2TD

T 01953 681005



Aleyard Brewery has a brewing capacity of 2.5 barrels, or 410 litres. Brewing takes place 2 or 3 times a week. The brewery is based on a farm, in Riddlesworth, Norfolk. Production is geared towards cask for pubs and bottle conditioned beers, sold mainly via small, local shops. Aleyard beers contain only malted barley (some contain wheat), water, hops and yeast. There are no finings or chemicals added, during the brewing or fermentation processes.

City of Ale Beers

AA Bitter 3.5% | KK Mild 3.7% | Krystal 4.0% | Singularity 4.0% | Harald 4.8% | Ale No. 1 5.0% |